Me and Vegan2Go

So for me, Vegan has been a journey of the heart and soul. The more information and truths that come my way about how our animals are treated, reared, slaughtered is absolutely devastating, apart from the direct impact of the whole animal focused food frenzy on our planet. This is NOT how it is meant to be, there is no way that it is ok to mass breed for the sake of killing and feeding humans.

Hunter Gathers: I am aware that as hunter gathers, we did eat meat, we hunted our meat, the animal roamed free, when hunted, it was devoured by the clan, no storing other than drying, and we ate meat then occasionally, consciously, and for sincere purpose. If we continued this rhythm of eating meat we would probably still be eating occasionally, certainly not daily, sometimes 2-3 times a day.


Bollocks! We have been conditioned to believe that we NEED animal protein in order to be well. This is not true, and feeds into the huge “business” sector that survives on farming animals for slaughter. Do some of your own investigation, there are highly recognised institutions and professionals proving that this is not true. Tap into your own sense of self and knowing and make your own decision.

I slowly over the years responded to my body and soul messages regarding nutrition and where our nutrients come from. From this journey I developed a wonderful range of vegan offerings, no preservatives and packaged as kindly and eco friendly as is possible: Juice4Joy Soup4Soul Vegan2Go Smoothie2Go. Smoothie2Go is pretty much a small range and we make specifically to support our clients that are doing regular detox and cleansing with us

How Do I Life Coach Lynda work with these products? Firstly I consume all the delicious and nutritious products that I have created. I am unable to support the significant changes that I do within my clients lives, without walking the talk. I use all my products within a Detox and Cleansing protocol that I develop for each client based on a One on One session to gather vital personal lifestyle information and then respond with a solution. It is NOT a quick fix and ideally we ease it into your routine and thus your investment is a longterm one that supports you vitality on going. It is all based on your choices, and how you value yourself.

So in closing for now, I am invested in creating a range of products that support a Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle to those drawn to work work with me

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Take your health into your own hands.