Welcome to our world of Vegan. We are so excited to be able to bring this incredible, story to you and contribute to change in our world of “How and What we Eat!” Live Kindly, consider all living beings.

What you consume, when you consume, how much you consume is all key to global peace, harmony and happiness.

We eat too much, this is a fact! It is total BS that you need to eat 3 meals a day, let alone have animal at each meal. Imagine if we all decided to eat less, and then less animal. It would be a healthier world.

I had the pleasure of learning from a very wise and wonderful women years ago, that cows do not have all the protein perceived in there meat because they eat meat…they eat grass (graze) well so they should, but that does not happen anymore, 90% of animals bred for slaughter are raised in cages/pens, no grass, they are fed process corn based feed, no shelter…it is horrible.

Trauma stays in your body, we know this, as humans, we know that we have deep trauma that shows up in our lives as mental illness, disease, cancer, immune disorders, emotional issues and so much more. The same goes for animals, the trauma of their life, sits in their tissue (meat) the consciousness of suffering, fear, terror, it all lies in their meat that we eat. We really are consuming toxic meat. We really are. Just feel what I have said…go an investigate, learn about this for your self. If it resonate great if it doesn’t well it doesn’t, but at least you tried. Proud of you for that.

I must say, that when I did my deep Life Coaching Course, I really got this, it was a significant penny drop moment that changed the direction of my life, and that is why I now have Juice4Joy, Soup4Soul, Vegan2go, Pasta & Saucy, and I LOVE helping people to learn how to trust themselves and their lives when CONSUMING MORE PLANTS!

I worked on deep layers of pain, suffering, hurts, trauma, conditioning, belief systems that were so toxic that blocked my vibrant health and life force. I realised how intense and incredible it was – THE TRUTH! This knowledge, and then the practice of deep healing that I accomplished changed how I looked at all living things, not just humans. I am so grateful I did this work and I am a better person for it. I have so much more peace in my life. I like myself more. I experience deeper contentment and compassion is knitted into my every breath.

We can each contribute to changing this reality of suffering for all living things. A conscious choice to cut back or cut out animal products is an incredible way to contribute to the greater good of our planet.

The difference between Vegan and Vegetarian is:

For people who don’t follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, the difference between them can seem murky. Sure, neither diet includes slaughtered animals, but what about brownies, yogurt, cheese and pizza? And what about all the different variations of vegetarianism? While following these diets takes care and plenty of research, understanding their differences is actually pretty simple.


Vegans eat no animal products, or bi product of any animal including honey. Vegetarians don’t eat slaughtered animals, or any bi products of slaughtered animal. They will however eat eggs, dairy, honey. People typically choose these diets because of health concerns, religious restrictions or moral concerns about harming animals.

I do feel there is a place for balance. I encourage people to avoid judgement of others. For thousands of years people have consumed animals. Yes, all that time ago the animals were true free range, and consumed consciously for need in celebration and ritual. We were hunter gatherers that hunted our own meat when it was right for us, for the tribe, the meat was eaten, no storage, and when next it was needed the hunt was on and all seemed to be more fair!

This may come across quite naive, and well that is how it is for me, and I can only truly speak for myself here. It is this journey of discovery that has brought me to this place where is “Eat more plants” and I feel better for it on many levels.

When we were born, we were conditioned to eat meat, it is not like we had a choice. Our parents did it, like their parents did it, and so we as babies, children also just thought it was what was done, and as a mother myself, well that’s what I though was done. We are in a world of amazing information now, and so many of our children today actually naturally chose not to consume animal. I like that. When I close my eyes and pray, I ask for a reality of more kindness, and consciousness toward animals in the world.

It just makes more sense for my heart. You are quite welcome to do as you please, and then just let me and those who chose this way be this way.

Acceptance of others and their choices is just the right thing to do, it does help toward a more peaceful world. You can only ever lead by example, and trust that each one of us have our own journey and the lessons, and changes that are for you will come all in divine timing.

When you do sit down and eat animal, take a moment and give thanks, and feel compassion, allow grace to bless your food, and the animal it came from.

Live More Kindly Everyday “one valuable conscious choice at a time” LifeByLynda

More information to come